Trade Only The Best Opportunities With ATS Assistant – Advanced Forex Signal Generator

We are happy to announce that we finally have a launch date for our new signal generator, ATS Assistant!

The set launch date is Monday, July 29th. Yes, we’re less than a few weeks away!

If you haven’t heard yet, ATS Assistant is a semi-programmable EA that will run on as many currency pairs as you would like and look for ideal trading setups in any time-frame you use for your trading.

It will also have settings to look for certain setups involving different aspects of our software including generating alerts when a new contraction box appears, an expansion line appears, a buy or sell liquidity line is hit and more…

There will be two proprietary trading signals generated including Grade “A” and Grade “B” setups. Grade A setups will be the very first opportunity to enter a new trend with the highest reward to risk ratio. Grade B setups will be all signals generated after the first in a trend. These signals still are good opportunities but are not as high quality as your Grade A setup.

If you have seen our Forex Master Pattern video, we talk about the best opportunity being the very first entry in a new trend. Well, ATS Assistant can monitor multiple pairs, on multiple time-frames looking for only that setup! What could that do for your trading?

After working with so many traders for so many years, we know the risks involved with staring at your charts for too long waiting for setups. You have to combat fatigue and the constant temptation of wanting to be in a trade. ATS Assistant will eliminate all of the waiting!

Imagine if you had someone just sitting at your screen monitoring the entire market, waiting for good quality setups. Once the conditions are ideal, they would pick up the phone and give you a call to let you know!

That is what ATS Assistant does and we are sure all subscribers are going to love it!

The best part is that ATS Assistant does not cost any more per month and will be included in your subscription! However, due to the current growth of our program, we will be raising the monthly rental price soon for new subscribers. If you have been wanting to join ATS, now is the time. Subscribe now to lock in our current rate for the lifetime of your subscription before it is gone.




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