Mapping The Market Makers Footprint – Trade ATS Indicator Breakdown

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One of the most frequent questions we get from people who watch our channel is how does our proprietary trading software work? So we decided to let you check out some of the educational material we provide new subscribers to help them get up and running with ATS software.

Now even if you are a Forex Trader who is just starting out, there are many takeaways you will get from this video. Everything we do is heavily based on how the Market Makers and Smart Money trade in the markets.

While ATS is the only trading software tool that does what it does, you do not need to subscribe to benefit from this amazing trading strategy.

What you will learn in this video and all our other videos are concepts that work in Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies and any other financial market. They are time tested, price action based strategies that are grounded in how the big money movers operate. Our job as individual traders is to follow the smart money. Once you know what their plan is all you need to do is jump in.

We hope you enjoy this video!

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